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MAP's TKS range of poles has proven to be arguably the most complete range of poles on the market thanks to versatility provided through the use of shared mandrels across the range.

For 2019, a new range of 3G poles will continue the tradition of 'legacy fit' kits and sections, but February's show will also see the unveling of a very special pole indeed - the long-awaited 1001.

Details have yet to be fully released but a teaser image (above) was recently seen on MAP's Facebook page and provoked a huge response, not only because of the image that showed the impressively small 16-metre butt section diameter, but because this is the first new number addition to the range since the original 901 launched back in 2014.

Although still under wraps, the pole will offer the thinnest diameter of any 16-metre pole without any compromise on strength. The brand team have also stated that it will outclass the existing 901 2G pole for stiffness and weight, something that puts it in the stratosphere of pole design!

The 1001 will be displyed as part of a dedicated 20-metre pole alley that will enable visitors to sample all poles at the show, giving a true side-by-side comparison aided by information from the team who design the products.