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Bike maintenance and workshop giants, Finish Line, will be launching a brand new IBD Programme at iceBike* later this month to help retailers improve their service offering and increase sales.  

This new programme which is exclusive to Independent Bike Dealers named the ‘Finish Line LUBEexperts™’ has been designed to offer committed retailers more workshop and shop floor support, helping them to increase sales and get a better margin. For a small £390 buy-in, retailers will receive a total package value of £2,100 including £1,600 worth of sales and £130 of free marketing tools.

Workshop-wise, retailers will get an initial 20% discount when they purchase all seven workshop essentials as well as £160 worth of free workshop samples including two Pro Shop Aprons, four pairs Mechanic Grip Gloves and a selection of workshop products. To help with sales, dealers who sign up to the LUBEexperts™ programme will receive the best-seller package with an initial 10% discount and a free retail display to help aid sell-through in-store.

In addition to the above, retailers will also get access to the Half Price Refill Programme, where a 65-90% margin is available to stimulate return store visits, reduce plastic waste and offer a service that online retailers cannot compete with.

As a final incentive to retailers considering signing up to the ‘Finish Line LUBEexperts™’ Programme’, they will also enjoy an ongoing 5% discount of all Finish Line products for the following 12 months. So, come to iceBike*, meet the Finish Line team and find out more about joining the Programme. If you cannot make it to iceBike* speak to you Madison account manager who can help get you set up.

Find out more from Finish Line as well as so much more at iceBike* 2020. Register now at