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After a busy day at the show it's important to unwind so we're putting on some great evening entertainment to help you relax in the shape of two themed nights that promise to offer attendees great food and drink, plus the chance to mingle with staff and other industry peers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Taking place at our Bradwell Abbey site in Milton Keynes, Tuesday night sees the the four 'P's that epitomise Italian style and culture - pasta, prosecco, pizza and Peroni! And if you're inner Pavarotti happens to make an appearance, we've got karaoke for anyone who fancies belting out a few classic tracks.

Wednesday night offers up a real fusion of east and west, bringing together traditional Japanese heritage in the shape of a sake ceremony, followed by the pride of Belgium; beer, moules and frites!

All show attendees are invited and can take the FREE shuttle buses that run from the stadium/hotel complex that will drop you at the door and pick you up once the fun comes to an end.

Subsidised hotels are still available via the registration portal - simply log into your account and choose the accomodation option. Not registered yet? If a whole host of new product at the show isn't enough to tempt you, surely a night of fun, great food and drink, plus the chance to show off your singing prowess should get you hurrying to sign up!