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With its tough-as-old-boots build quality, EVA is the latest material to be utilised by Wychwoodand MAP in their luggage portfolios.

These ranges brings together a wide range of size options that cover general accessory storage, cool bags plus carryall and specialist storage solutions, all with the benefits of being wipe-clean and ultra- durable.

Both ranges have been designed from the ground-up to offer unique storage soultions for the modern angler. Accessory picuhes deal ith smaller items but there are also larger carryalls (there's a two-tier design for MAP), plus more specialist items such as a wader storage bag (with built-in drainage) and a nine-piece carryall in MAP's Seal System range that includes modular storage items.

You can find out more about each range over at the Wychwood and MAP websites and trade customers are welcomed to order now over at